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30 Nov 2016

Pay Scale Up-gradation for Physiotherapists: 7th Pay Commission MOHFw

Positive reply by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt.of India that Physiotherapists Payscale up-gradation recommendation has been sent to Ministry of Finance.Time for followup in the Finance Ministry to get the Payscale up-gradation implemented. This will help in Professional up-gradation in Pay and Cadre Restructuring with promotions. 
PS: Document shared for information purpose.

14 Nov 2016

Canadian Physiotherapy Association chief says the profession must demonstrate its value to decision makers

ER-WCPT: Canadian Physiotherapy Association chief says the profession must demonstrate its value to decision makers:

Physiotherapists need to understand and leverage the politics of decision making, according to Michael Brennan, chief executive officer at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

‘We may be factually correct in what we know, but we are bringing incomplete information to the task at hand,’ said Mr Brennan, an economist by background, in his CSP Founders’ Lecture at the 4th congress of the European regions of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in Liverpool today.

‘Put another way, all evidence is information, but not all information is evidence.’
He said the profession was unlikely to have high level evidence to apply to every healthcare decision. And there will almost always be incomplete data and unique contextual consideration.

Structure evidence:

But as the gaps in evidence are going to be filled by assumption, physiotherapists should find a way to structure evidence so that assumptions and circumstance are accounted for.
He told delegates about a project in 2013 when his association used an MDCA (multi-criteria decision analysis) framework. It was a tool which has been used for more than a decade in different economic settings and had achieved ‘considerable traction’ in healthcare.

‘At the end of this project we had a very well-informed assessment of the value of physiotherapy in 12 practice settings,’ said Mr Brennan.

‘We produced short information sheets for each, with pithy statements as to the positive impact of physiotherapy on patient care, population health and resource management.

Value of physio:

‘These documents, and our much better appreciation of the decision making process, have allowed us to greatly improve our advocacy efforts at the grass roots and ministerial level.’

But in his speech on the theme of the value of physiotherapy, Mr Brennan said that every day practitioners, administrators and politicians are choosing how best to allocate scarce healthcare resources.

‘The closer these decisions are to the patient, the more likely we in this room are to understand them, and hopefully affect them in a way that is favourable to good outcomes,’ he told delegates.

7 Nov 2016

Physiotherapist Vacancies- November 2016 -Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

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– Updated on November 07, 2016

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1 Nov 2016

ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital by Apollo Hospital

Premium healthcare services provider Apollo Hospitals and KOS Group of Italy announced the opening of an exclusive rehabilitation centre for post-operation care to patients.
The joint venture was India’s first complete for neurological, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary, paediatric, geriatric and cancer patients, said ApoKos Rehab Director.

Dr. Antonello Morgantini and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Rahul Khandelwal. It is aimed at addressing the huge, untapped potential in medical rehabilitation services in India, they explained.

India's rehab and physiotherapy market in the organised and unorganised sectors is estimated at about Rs. 20 billion per annum. As of now, the market is concentrated around home or out-patient physiotherapy and for most patients it provided sub-optimal care leading to slow and incomplete recovery.

Dr. Antonello said they brought in time-tested European rehabilitation protocols to India for the first time and focused on providing intensive, goal-oriented rehabilitation, they helped provide the best chance of recovery for patients.

The ApoKos Rehabilitation Hospital here would be a 64-bedded centre with a mix of single and sharing rooms, besides fully-equipped physiotherapy and occupational therapy gyms.

Dr. Rahul Khandelwal said ApoKOS provides hope, expertise and motivation for patients who have experienced a life-altering medical condition or clinical procedure.

“We are committed to bridging the gap from illness and injury to health and well-being,” he said.

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24 Oct 2016

Physical Therapy may be beneficial when pregnant or after giving birth

California, USA: Many head to physical therapy after experiencing chronic joint or muscle pain. One doctor suggests that going to PT when pregnant or after having a baby is beneficial.

Within the nine months of developing a baby, many physical changes occur in a woman's body.

That's why Karen Joubert, Doctor of Physical therapy, believes that women should see a physical therapist within weeks of delivering their child.

"You have to deal with an influx of relaxin, progesterone, estrogen, and it affects the woman mentally, physically, emotionally," Joubert explained.

Also during pregnancy, many experience back pain due to the extra pressure on the pelvis.

"What people don't realize is, after delivery of a baby, studies have proven that about 40 percent of women sustain some kind low back pain or stress urinary incontinence," Joubert said.

Also, trying to get back to abdominal exercises can put undue pressure on the abdominals and the pelvic floor. Plus, when it comes to those recommended kegel exercises, she says watch out for this advice.

Some say you should stop and start your urine flow, but Joubert says that could result in a urinary tract infection.

Instead, she suggests this pattern:

"I want you to think of pulling the pelvic floor in and up to the count of three, all the way up and then down," Joubert advises a patient. "It's almost like you're pulling it in toward your stomach...I want you to take that pelvic floor and you're going to pull in quick and fast, 30 times."

Pregnant or not, many of us fail to see a physical therapist, as it is assumed it means a costly visit to the doctor first.

California is a "Direct Access" state. This means that you don't have to go to your general practitioner to get a prescription - instead you can go directly to PT.

"You can come into physical therapy without the prescription of a doctor for 12 visits or 45 days without a doctor's prescription," Joubert said.

Seeing a PT can strengthen your core muscles to better care for that baby.

21 Oct 2016

Tribute and Respect to Dr.MG Mokashi Sir

Dr.MG.Mokashi Sir, the Pioneer Physiotherapist who always worked for the profession. Sharing his last mail to me with valuable points about Professional up gradation. “God's Law of Cause and Effect: Your rewards in life will always be equal to the amount and quality of service rendered, in the long run.” Tribute and Respect to you always. Will keep this as a Souvenir.

20 Oct 2016

Dr.M.G.Mokashi - A Pioneer Physiotherapist

Rest in Peace beloved Dr.M.G.Mokashi Sir. You will always be loved and fondly remembered for your tremendous contributions in the field of Physiotherapy.You will forever be missed and never be forgotten Sir. Date: 20/20/2016