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19 Mar 2014

Top 10 Best Ways to Get a Job Interview

Top 10 Best Ways to Get a Job Interview

Compiled by : Physiotherapy Jobs Portal- www.physiotherapyjobs.co.in

One of the primary problems with regard to job postings on the internet is that your resume can get lost within the resume stacks, which the individuals involved in the hiring process receive due to the ads. You have to market yourself differently and come up with a distinct identity in order to grab the attention of prospective decision makers.

1. Do a research of the hospitals/organizations you are interested to work for. 

2. Do call up those hospitals/organizations and get to know the title as well as the name of the individual to whom you need to report in future 

3. You can prepare a cover letter addressed to the person and send it by Email/Post along with your resume, or opt to have it hand delivered. 

4. Now it is time to wait for the interview call. 

5. The primary reason most people don’t get that job interview call is on account of the resume. You can take a few steps to improve your resume so that people notice you and you make advancements in your career. 

6. Make sure the basics of the resume are correct. Spelling and grammar errors should be avoided at any cost. Employers observe the errors and your name is automatically withdrawn from their list. Since a large number of persons apply for a single post, employers really look for reasons for eliminating someone. 

7. Do a triple checking of your spelling as well as grammar. You may even consider asking someone to proofread your resume. You should pay attention to every minor detail, sometimes as small as misplaced punctuation. 

8. You can also improve on your resume by changing the sentence structures. Generally employers do not read the entire resumes. They usually skim over these. For this reason, your resume should be really reader – friendly. You will be able to grab the attention of your prospective employer by using crisp, short sentences. The employer will be able to go through your resume without spending a lot of time on it. You must also include at least three big achievements from your previous jobs in your resume. Thus the employer will consider you worth their energy and time. 

9. Make use of positive words in the resume, as many as possible. In this way the interviewer will begin seeing you as a positive person with great potential. Use such words as “established” and “demonstrated”. 

10. Finally, do ensure that your resume is not over loaded with information and is too long. The ideal resume should be within two pages. 

A great resume increases your chances of getting an interview. 

Compiled by : Physiotherapy Jobs Portal- www.physiotherapyjobs.co.in

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