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27 Jun 2014

World Physiotherapy Day- Fit to Take Part - 2014

      “FIT TO TAKE PART “ –  Theme for World Physiotherapy Day 2014

   New materials launched for World PT Day 2014 – and the theme is 'Fit to take part'

WCPT has launched its materials to help physical therapists around the world mark this year’s World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September.
This year the theme is “Fit to take part”, emphasising physical therapists’ role in helping people with long-term illnesses or disabilities become independent and fulfil their potential.
Research indicates that people with a disability are less likely to be employed or to be playing an active part in society.  WCPT’s campaign materials this year emphasise the cost of this to individuals, their families, society and economies. Research indicates that lack of participation by people with disabilities costs some economies 7% of their gross domestic product.
But according to the United Nations “full participation by persons with disabilities will result in their enhanced sense of belonging and in significant advances in the human, social and economic development of society”.
WCPT’s World Physical Therapy Day materials this year demonstrate how physical therapists have a key role in promoting full participation by people with disabilities. The World Health Organization says that rehabilitation services such as physical therapy are a good investment because they “build human capacity”.
World Physical Therapy Day is marked every year by thousands of physical therapists around the world drawing attention to the profession's contribution in promoting global health. WCPT produces a toolkit of materials for WCPT member organisations and others to use in local and national campaigns. The toolkit includes posters, flyers, ideas, practical advice, resources on the contribution of physical therapists, stickers and t-shirt designs. 

“The wonderful thing about World Physical Therapy Day is that it can highlight the importance of every aspect of what we do and how we do it," said WCPT President Marilyn Moffat.
The materials produced by WCPT include an article by Marilyn Moffat which physical therapists and WCPT member organisations can send to publications in their country. It explains the role of physical therapists and the importance of participation by people with disabilities.
“The message has to go out to politicians and other policy makers that physical therapists are worth the investment,” she said.

News Source: http://www.wcpt.org/news/World-PT-Day-Jun14

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