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9 Apr 2016

Physiotherapy News by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal -Update on April 9 2016

Physiotherapy News-National:

1.  Running man: Milind Soman: It’s about wanting to do something. It’s like a daily metaphor, like planning for a normal day and doing various things. So, you plan similarly for an event of a different nature; it becomes symbolic of that. We will not have a doctor as part of the travelling crew because we have the experience of running long distances. But we will have a physiotherapist.
Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

2. Andhra Pradesh will soon have its own statutory physiotherapy state council on the lines of Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India.Poonam Malakondaiah, Principal Secretary, Medical and Health Department, assured members of Physiotherapists’ Federation of Andhra Pradesh that a council would be in place soon when federation president Naga Satsih, vice-president B.V. Hari Krishna, secretary Subani Shaik called on Ms. Malakondaiah in Hyderabad recently.“The absence of a physiotherapy council has made difficult for colleges to get recognised. For instance, Bachelors of Physiotherapy is recognised by the Indian Association of Physiotherapy but courses like Masters in Physiotherapy has no recognition. The absence of recognition is a stumbling block for those aspiring for posts in government and private health sectors,” said federation president Satish. Mr. Hari Krishna said that physiotherapy has emerged as a important rehabilitative medicine and is connected with neurology, orthopaedics and paediatrics etc.Federation convener N. Rajesh Roshan said that sports physiotherapy was now an emerging and popular field and was in high demand. Physiotherapy councils are in place in Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. A council is being formed in Telangana also.-Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

3.  '6 out of 100 suffer from rheumatic diseases': Rheumatolgist Dr Saurabh Malviya pointed out that people often consume painkillers to treat swelling and get rid of backache, which is not advisable by doctors. "About 50-60 patients visit OPD everyday. It is very easy to treat rheumatic disease given the condition that they are treated on time. The medicines and physiotherapy have proved to be very effective. In case of complications, surgery is performed to treat the problem. If the disease is not treated on time, it can affect other body parts like kidney, liver and lungs," added Dr Malviya.-Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal 

Physiotherapy News-International:

4.  Neuropathic Pain Market: Industry dynamics, segmentation, Historical, current and projected industry trends, Competitive landscape and etc. (2015 to 2021):  Ongoing development of drugs with properties such as improved safety and high patient compliance are also supporting the growth of the pain market. Therapies, such as biological therapy and physiotherapy have immense potential to spur the growth of this market.-Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

5. Initiating physical therapy at the onset of low back pain is better than ‘wait and see’ approach-Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

6. Ian Leslie is the London-based author of Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends Upon It says “These days, you need to know about finance, you need to have incredible depth of tactical knowledge, you have to know about psychology and physiotherapy. There is an incredibly rich and complex set of knowledge to acquire. And that is true of just about every industry. That’s why truly curious people are going to be more valuable than ever over the next 30 years.”-Update by Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

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